It’s my favourite time of being church when I get to hang out with the majority of people who don’t go… and I ‘be’ church around them!

Today in Cambourne I painted prophetic paintings in Morrisons cafe and then the local pub with fellow prophetic artist Steph Philips.

The opportunities to connect with and share our faith blew me away. Some of the words were ‘spot on’ and one guy asked me why I had given him the picture, as it made sense to where he was at.

I love how people are open to pictures that speak a thousand words but aren’t open to a thousand words about faith and Jesus. Yet when people ask questions about the pictures then this gives a beautiful opportunity to gently talk about faith. I chose to paint stones this morning, ones that I had carefully collected on my last beech foray. Here’s some pictures:

Steph’s style of art fascinated me. She chooses to paint in post card sized paper and writes an explanation about the art work and what she believes God is saying. My son bumped into us in Morrisons and received a card that was very encouraging for him!

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning down the pub…

  1. Hi Chris On my desk is a stone you gave me. One year when I was doing TAT and were busy with other stuff you sent it to me. The person who brought it just said ‘this is from Chris and he said you will know what it is about’. It spoke to me about God being my rock and being with me at a time when I was feeling very vunerable. The stone has been on my desk ever since. Every blessing – Dave

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