I am part of and co-lead a ministry that is changing. For nearly 20 years I have been involved with pioneering new projects to demonstrate the very good news of Jesus. Now, we’re beginning to focus more on our training and ministry formation of evangelists and pioneers.

The Light Project is led by co-workers and fellow evangelists: me with Glyn Jones and Gaz Thomas. And together with Jane Kite we lead the ‘operations’ of the charity and ministry and we also lead each other.

I love flat leadership structures. Yes, they’re frustrating and require more work but it makes leading an adventure rather than lonely. It brings accountability. It means we travel much slower in making decisions and getting things done, but to coin the cheesy phrase it means we can travel far together!

Yesterday we had a long meeting and awesome planning time working out together what we believed God was calling us to do.

We’re excited as we work out our belief that we are being asked to train more people, some in recognised church ministry as pioneers and others in going to the least reasoned places of the UK.

We believe we have a role to play in training up Spirit Filled pioneers for new housing estates, places where churches need to be planted and amongst young people who have yet to hear and make sense of the Christian faith.

If you know anyone who could train with us we have a prospectus which you can download.

The next Open Day is on Wednesday June 13th 1-4pm, or a visit can be arranged by appointment for other times by contacting deri.fabian@lightproject.org.uk

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