Recently I saw a dramatic illustration to prayer.

On my way home the other night I paused and pondered the day with the team whom I’m part of and realised that Jesus had been speaking very powerfully once more in the day that we had spent together.

Jesus appeared to have spoken to us very dramatically about our desire to plant seeds out of The Light Project. The seeds we’re seeking to plant aren’t franchises of what we do but rather pioneers who are willing to go to places that are bereft of good news and announce some!

As I stood and pondered the day I was struck how earlier on a past student called Lydia (from 10 years ago) had called by at the office, visiting from London and just so happened to call at the very time the leaders and I were meeting. Her visit wasn’t an interruption by any means, but rather a deep encouragement to see and hear what God has been doing in her life since the two years she has studied with us on a Foundation degree in Community Evangelism.

I’ve been so encouraged to see how past Light Project students have gone on to play their part in changing this world for Jesus like those who have gone on to use the arts or become church leaders, youth workers or amazing roles within the the workplace and awesome mums and dads.

We’ve played a small part in planting seeds ‘out there’ and now we as a ministry want to do that far more intentionally and help others do what we’ve done.

Are you someone who would like to set up a ministry in your locality like The Light Project? If so we have a seed day this summer where we will share our story and some of the resources and ideas to help you also go and plant something new for the sake of the world that needs Jesus.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to learn more about evangelistic ministry and how to set up a team of people to work alongside you.

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