‘Creative arts and media in Evangelism and mission’ is my favourite module I teach on our Foundation Degree, in partnership with the University of Chester.

Our course details can be found here. We’re passionate about training evangelist and are always looking to recruit people. So get in touch if you want to join us!

Our times of worship together had some creative elements to them too, where students painted and wrote poetry too.

On the Saturday afternoon we were joined by sculptor Stephen Broadbent, who has created public sculptures all over the UK , many dealing with reconciliation and forgiveness.

He gave us an insight into how he does what he does. What struck me was the immensely powerful prophetic nature his sculptures carry into a public spaces. Be that of forgiveness over the atrocity of a bombing in Warrington to protection over a city, like this one in Chester:

Here are some of his stunning sculptures including The Bell, a brand new one in Peterborough:

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