How do you get to pray for miracles in other people’s lives?

Today we used our usual ‘signs’ as well as giving lots of flowers away that were generously given to us for free from the very kind street flower sellers who always encourage us and help us.

Through acts of kindness and availability, together as a team, we had the opportunity to pray for people.

One guy asked for prayer to be set free from drug addiction, another man to be set free from demons. All very exciting, but also very normal.

Acts of kindness and generosity open peoples hearts for the ‘more’ of the work of the Holy Spirit who always seems to like to help people connect with their Heavenly Father.

My experience is that He pours himself out in power for those who have yet to connect with or make sense of the Good News of Jesus. And we get to take part!

How can you create opportunities for the ‘more’ of what the Holy Spirit wants to do in people’s lives?

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