Once a term as part of our training for our students we have a ‘slip stream’ day. The premise is that we seek to walk in the slipstream of the Lord Jesus and go and do what he wants is to do. Today we ended up in Lowestoft and joined Esther Day who is training with The Light Project college of evangelism.

And what an awesome day it was too. I got to hangout and paint prayers for people… I painted six pictures in all for six individuals each with messages that seemed to open hearts and bless.

The most significant was in a pub with the lady who served us and took our order for food. All I kept thinking was ‘muma’ and how she had such a mother’s heart and looks after people. She had a great story to share with us about her journey where she couldn’t have children and now was 6 months pregnant! Something we hadn’t spotted as the bar hid her bump! We gave her some painting afterwards to encourage her, one for her and one for her baby!

Here’s a selection of what I painted today:

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