I wanted to bring something of summer into the winter/early spring by doing some land art. This is what I came up with; contrasting colours of flowers against mud and wet.

The flowers are ones that I had dried from last summer and I wanted to use them in the recent snow to create some pictures. However, I didn’t have time and I’m grateful that I was able to use them in the sludge and mud of after the snow!

The stark contrast between the dried flowers and the mud reminds me of the outrageous nature of the Reign of God and how when His Kingdom inhabits another kingdom there is a stark contrast, light into darkness, hope into despair, shalom instead of anguish.

If you would like a high quality signed print (Giclee German etching paper) please let me know by stating the number of the print and how many prints you would like. The prints are available at approx 20cm by 30cm and cost £39 plus postage and packing of £5 to mainland UK.

Here are 5 selected pictures, some have water marks- if you buy any prints the water mark ‘Chris Duffett Art’ won’t be on the print!

You can order prints by emailing me at chris.duffett@me.com

Clash of seasons 1.

Clash of seasons 1

Clash of seasons 2.

Clash of seasons 2

Clash of seasons 3.

Clash of seasons 4.

Clash of seasons 4

Clash of seasons 5.

Clash of seasons 5

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