One of the online lectures for the students on the module on Creative Arts and Media in Evangelism and Mission (bit of a mouthful!) is A challenge to make a creativity kit.

I teach this module as part of our Light Project College of Evangelism and the creativity side of it always seems to rattle the students. ‘I can’t be creative!’ Is something I hear way too often. It always turns out that people can be creative!

My creative kit is a bunch of brushes, watercolour paints, pens and paper. I paint around half a dozen pictures a week for different people, bringing messages of hope and encouragement with them. This I can do anywhere… the pub, a cafe, a train.

Today one of our students Sam combined an art kit with a box to place scriptures, words (on pegs!) and some novel platted friendship bracelets. Fancy.

Virginia’s kit was made up of cards and sticky shapes… her hope is to write messages and scriptures that will encourage people and today I saw two young ladies blesses by Virginia’s simple creative gift as she prayed with them in the pub!

Rose was reminded of a skirt she had made years ago out of beads and how using beads is something she could do to make bracelets for people.

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