Each Wednesday morning I meet with my team of students down the pub for coffee and to study the bible and pray. It’s always a good thing to do but today’s scripture especially blew me away.

We studied Mark 9.14-29 and the opening verses sprung out to me:

“As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.”

Have you ever read something in the scriptures that you must have read before lots of times to then read as if it was for the first time?!

That’s what it was like for me today. The verse and imagery struck me. Jesus just had to be there and the site of him brought about an overwhelming wonder.

Later on we ventured from the pub to the church building we meet in and simply worshipped Jesus with songs and words of praise. It was overwhelming. He loves to turn up and meet with us and show what he is like to us.

In his presence is FULLNESS of joy.

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