At The Light Project we’re passionate about how we deliver the gospel.

We believe that the way it’s delivered and the message are almost equally as important. We believe that ‘Good news’ delivered shabbily, angrily, half heartedly, cheaply or without any ‘connection’ with those who hear it isn’t good news. It becomes no news. Which is bad news.

So, if you want a ‘vehicle’ to help you deliver something of the good news then what about trying a Free Fruit of the Spirit stall?

It’s so simple! Invest in some fruit and label it with the fruit of the Spirit and then give it away.

It really is that simple.

People ask all kinds of questions ranging from ‘why is it free?’ To deeper spiritual needs and issues in their life, like ‘How can I have peace?’ Or ‘How can God give me these good things?’

I once ended up explaining the gospel to a young Muslim man as he considered how he could have ‘gentleness’ in his life, all through a banana labelled with this particular fruit!

Here’s some pictures from our latest fruit of the Spirit stall in Peterborough.

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