Every beech we visit as a family I carefully select a stone that catches my eye. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t got hundreds of them…Just a dozen or so. Today I gave most of them away! It felt like I was giving away something very precious and good.

I painted various messages or images on the stones and looked for people for who they were for that I could encourage and remind them that God loved them.

I wanted to create a bit of a mystery with the choosing of the stones so I turned them all upside down and asked people to select them at random.

The idea to paint them came from our last learning weekend. At The Light Project we love to give a gift to every student at the end of each weekend with the challenge to give it away. The gift I chose was a rugged stone with a picture of an anchor on it, symbolising faithfulness:

Giving them out today was such a simple thing to do and with the ones I had left over I gave to the team that I work with and asked them to find one person with whom they could offer the stone to.

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