What does it mean to bless someone? Is it just a nice saying or twee parting: ‘God bless!’ Or saying ‘awwwww bless’ when we see something cute?!

Over the past weekend I had the joy of spending time with 2 of our students on a practical weekend. It’s that time when part time students get out and about and rather then stay inside for lectures we spend the majority of the time putting into practice principles of evangelism.

The focus of our practical was on blessing people and we spent around 7 hours in all out and about seeking to bless people in different ways.

The activities were simple as I had to quickly plan them as a fellow colleague was kept away by the snowy weather.

The blessings grew in ‘scariness’ over the 2 days.

1- We started with simply working out what a ‘blessing’ could be and mean and then wrote some words on wooden labels and stuck them in the ground for people to find.

2. The students then invested £20 in gifts to give away to people. The most extraordinary blessing was one of the heart stones (on the left of the tray) ended up as a gift for the shop worker who was very touched by the gesture.

3. We then spent time in a cafe with the intention of painting blessings for people but instead spent time listening and then praying for someone who really needed to talk. It felt like the Lord had brought to us someone to bless.

4. On the Sunday morning we joined the crowds cheering the runners at the Chester 10k and we gave away umbrellas too for those who were getting wet. Around a dozen umbrellas to bless people went in about 5 minutes!

5. We then progressed in our blessing and went treasure hunting. One of the students had written 2 clues on his sheet of paper. ‘The cross’ – which is a place in Chester in the city centre, a crossroads and the second clue was the name ‘Louise.’ He was rather shocked to stand with a lady called Louise at the cross as we tried to explain what we were doing!

We ended up praying for a young man who wanted to give up smoking and we also got to meet lots of people who matched our clues and we gently were able to bless them in the name of Jesus.

How can you bless people to remind them that God loves them and knows them?

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