I’ve done a few paintings recently where people have asked if I would do a print. So, I’ve made some Giclée prints on Hahnemühle German Etching paper…. oooooo, fancy!

If you would like to order one please let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing me at

Two of the prints that are available were originally painted at Fresh Streams conference.

  1. ‘Rear guard glory’ (approx 20cm by 20cm. £45 including postage and packing) is based on Psalm 1 and Isaiah 58. The person walking to the tree that is planted by the river showing God’s goal for our life… fruitfulness and flourishing.
    Rear Guard Glory
    Rear Guard Glory


  2. ‘Adventure into the unknown’ (approx 20cm by 20cm £45  including postage and packing) is a simple sail boat picture which initially I didn’t have a clue what it meant! Reflecting on it afterwards I believe that the painting is about instinctively going where the Spirit shows and breaths. It’s about vision but not linear vision ‘a to b’ kind of journey, rather tacking along with the breath of The Spirit.
    Adventure into the unknown
    Adventure into the unknown


  3. A Coracle Adventure (approx 20cm by 30cm and £48 including postage and packing) symbolises the adventure and daring of the early Christian celts who would get into a coracle and pray:
    “Lord of the wind and the waves, take us your servants to where you will.” They would then push out into the expanse of the sea and with childlike faith believe that God would take them where he wanted them to go and spread the good news.
    I wanted to capture a sense of being able to say ‘take me where tour spirit will lead me.’ A daring prayer to go to anyone, anywhere!

    A Coracle Adventure
    A Coracle Adventure

    If you would like a larger print please do get in touch to ask for prices and availability or please do feel free to ask about commissions.

    Rear guard glory

    Coracle adventure

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