At The Light Project we’re seeking to grow and expand what we do and enable more and more people to work as evangelists.

I’m convinced that the way forward for us to do this is to help new evangelists to become self- supporting. This may be through business, individuals supporting an evangelist or even part time work to enable evangelists to dedicate time to demonstrate good news wherever they can.

I’m keen to model this new way of how we do what we do and I’ve taken a day a week initially to paint and grow as an artist to relieve some much needed finances back into the ministry of The Light Project and so that I too may seek to have a ‘mixed income’ to support my ministry and enable me to continue heralding the good news of Jesus wherever I can!

Don’t bet me wrong, the ministry still needs people to stand with us and support us, it’s just that we want to do more and more and don’t want our central budget to be a deciding factor if someone is called by God to the ministry of evangelism.

So for me, I love to paint and I am taking commissions.

So, please do get in touch if you would like to commission me to paint for you:

Here are some examples of paintings I have sold as commissions recently:

Smaller paintings start at £150 and larger ones from £230.

I am often asked about painting for people as a retirement gift, an anniversary or ordination of a minister.

I also sculpt or make very large pieces of art for church buildings or businesses and also offer prints of my land art sculptures:

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