Well, of course he does.

We know that. He’s good at communicating and does so in a myriad of different ways all the time… but when we get to hear what he has to say it always gives a bit of a ‘woah… that’s sooooo good!’ kind of feeling.

It’s like knowing the theory and then experiencing the reality when he speaks. It’s that wonderful sense of being known, inside and out that gives a sense of reassurance. That God is with us and he is for us.

Prophetic words truly do bring strength, comfort and encouragement.

Today I had the joy of teaching some Baptist ministers from the Heart of England baptist association in prophetic art, bringing prophetic words creatively. I taught what I do in pubs and cafes in connecting what I believe God thinks about or wants to say to people.

Some of the words shared today were wonderful! One was so simple ‘Home’ with a simple picture of two hands. The person whom this was for has been sorting out the home of a parent who has recently died. The word brought something so good to them.

Each person on the seminar was asked to paint a picture for someone in the room, but also to paint one for one of the staff from the conference centre. I saw several ministers engaging with the staff with their simple pictures. It was so good!

2 thoughts on “God speaks…

  1. That’s so awesome! I love how God isn’t limited in how he speaks to us. I would love to hear more on how God uses artwork and creativity to bring healing and encouragement to His kids. Thanks for sharing

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