Yesterday we had a team day with our Students based in Peterborough and like most team days we started with bible study in the pub. There were only 4 of us but we still went through our usual rhythm of the day.

We’re working through Marks gospel and yesterdays study was jam packed full of examples of healing. Arnie who leads the students with me stated, ‘Jesus just healed everyone!’

When it came to the question in our bible study: ‘what is God asking you to do through the scripture?’ I wrote ‘Go out and heal people.’

So we made plans to venture into the streets and offer prayer for healing for people. To help us, we decided upon a ‘treasure hunt’ asking God for clues as to who he wanted us to offer prayer for healing to. On my list I wrote that I needed to pray for someone’s right foot and toes. As soon as we had left the building I noticed a man hobbling. He explained that he had gout in his toes on his right foot. I asked if I could pray for healing. He said ‘I’m a Muslim, so yes, you can pray as I also believe in prayer.’ I asked if I could gently lay my hands on his toes… he agreed. I knelt on the streets and prayed for him.

Afterwards as he walked down the road he shouted ‘its magic!’ The pain had gone. I shouted back ‘it’s Jesus!’

Between the four of us we met 12 people in just over an hour who we either prayed for there and then or they asked us to pray for them later. One lady kept saying ‘this is so weird!’ (In a good way!) as she felt that God had brought us to her to deliver a message.

“This is a sign that you are known by God and that he loves you!” I declared over her.

When we ventured into the Cathedral following our clues we saw the most beautiful light shining through the door… almost like a heavenly welcome!

We met someone who had visited the Cathedral on most days for 8 years to write prayers and light a candle. She poured out to us a complex and frightening tale of evil stories, demons tormenting her. We encouraged her to call on the name of Jesus. She asked if we would pray for her.

It felt like she had heard the power and authority in the name of Jesus after searching and longing for freedom for many many years!

It was one of the most exciting hours I’ve spent in a looooong time! The joy of being used by God to pray for healing is just so good! It’s a sign to people that he’s real and true.

I dare you to offer prayer for healing for someone!

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