There’s a bit of a ‘move’ I’ve noticed over the last 10 years. Churches have either set apart a Sunday once in a while for mission or set apart small teams taking a Sunday out from the service to be church in their community.

It seems to be a move from the emphasis of evangelism being ‘come and hear’ to ‘go and tell.’ My interest is in how that move is expressed particularly on a Sunday.

It’s something that I have done in different guises and with varying degrees of success for a while and I must admit it’s my favourite Sunday of the month when I go and be amongst the vast majority of people who don’t go to church.

What I’m really keen to do is write an ideas pack to help more and more Churches engage in outreach in their community with a bit of the thinking and theology behind it.

So, I’m collecting stories of churches and groups of Christians who regularly take a Sunday out to reach out to people.

What is it you have done? How effective was it, as in what kind of response did you have? What stories have you got from the activity?

If you can email me at or leave a response below that would be awesome and I will be in touch to collate stores and ideas.

Just so you know, I’m particularly keen about the use of Sunday’s as outreach for this pack rather than other days of the week, which I will explain about in the thinking behind the ideas.

Thank you so much for helping!

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