In the midst of a busy day, leading teams and looking after volunteers with the city centre chaplaincy we do as The Light Project, I met three people whom I was able to bring Jesus to. All three seemingly by accident…

The first person stood in front of me in a busy Kings Cross train station first thing this morning waiting to take my order. I asked “How is your day going? Are you doing alright?” Her response? She cried. And said she clearly wasn’t alright. In between tears she explained how she was feeling and that she had terrible pain in her belly. Unsure if this meant period pain or not I didn’t ask anymore but rather simply asked if I could say a blessing over her… she agreed and I gently prayed for healing and that the pain would go.

She passed me my porridge and toast and said thank you.

The next person was at the coffee machine standing next to me in the queue. In one hand I held my cup and the other I had some prophetic art. I offered her a simple picture:

She explained that this meant a lot to her. “Would you please pray for me?” She asked. She then shared with me how she was and the kind of hard things she was going through in her life.

The third person was an older lady who just came up to me and shook my hand as I was buying some teas for my team who were very cold as we stood outside in the cathedral square. “Can I have a word?” She asked.

I sat with her for a while and in a short time had the privilege of hearing her life story. Afterwards I explained that I was going to fetch a bunch of flowers for my mum and would she mind if I also got her a bunch, as a reminder that God is with her, loves her very much and knows all that she has been through.

Who is next to you? How can you bring Jesus to them?

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