I had the joy of speaking at Orchard Baptist Church in Colchester today. It was fun. But rather than just speaking I was also invited to paint while the other bits of the service went on. I loved it! Give me an opportunity to paint and I’m in my element!

This is where I got up to with it in the time that I had at the service:

The idea behind the painting was to symbolise the adventure and daring of the early Christian celts who would get into a coracle and pray:

Lord of the wind and the waves, take us your servants to where you will.”

They would then push out into the expanse of the sea and with childlike faith believe that God would take them where he wanted them to go and spread the good news.

I wanted to capture a sense of being able to say ‘take me where tour spirit will lead me.’ A daring prayer to go to anyone, anywhere!

Later on in the day in my study/ studio at home I finished it. Here’s the end result with some close up shots too.

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