A highlight in my week are team days, leading them with Arnie Hensby from Light Project Peterborough.

We meet as a team most Wednesdays for prayer, worship, training and mutual support. We start each day with a discovery bible study, delving deep into the scriptures asking each other what we believe the Lord is teaching us through the stories we study.

Recently we have changed the venue of where we study from a church hall to a very busy pub. I can honestly say that it has transformed how we study the scriptures.

  • How can people around us understand and connect with the bible when they are most likely are biblically illiterate?
  • How do we contextualise what we take for granted for the sake of those who have yet to connect with and know the good news!

Studying the bible with people around us has also afforded opportunities to speak about what we’re studying and on a couple of occasions we have been joined by people whom we have got to know.

It feels like we’re more accessible as a team and people can ask us questions, ask for prayer, catch up with us and also observe what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

As we meet together we love one another and Jesus promised that this is how people will know that we are his disciples.

If you would like to join our growing team of students who train to be evangelists and delve deeper into studying the bible and how to communicate it then please follow this link.

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