I’ve been lecturing all weekend on one of our modules: ‘Introduction to Biblical Studies.’ It’s been full of vibrant discussion, delving deeper into the bible, unpacking biblical texts and looking at how we can apply them for those who haven’t got a clue about Jesus.

It’s part of the Foundation Degree we run in Theology, Mission and Evangelism, validated through the University of Chester; we have just under 30 students who are based all over the country.

Our learning weekends are always special but over the weekend as I stood in the middle of Northgate street in Chester I saw something that made me very emotional.

On one side was Dave and Rhi taking with a man who is homeless, just having given a ‘jar of hope.’ They were talking about the hope they have and having known Dave as someone who also used to be homeless and with a helpless addiction now share the good news of Jesus so passionately and coherently was just so beautiful!

To the other side of me was Lizzy and Linda. They were talking with a young lady about the scriptures that they had put in their jar of hope.

“This is what it is all about!” Was the sense I felt as I observed some of our students on the practical challenge from the lectures. It really is… We do what we do and study what we study for the sake of this world.

We’ve got a heart to see this world changed with the good news of Jesus Christ and are always looking for people to join us in this adventure and to study with us.

The practical we did was to fill small jars with 7 promises from the bible that we wanted to communicate with people. Some of the students called them ‘jars of hope’ Or ‘God’s promises.’ I called mine ‘7 promises from the bible for dark days.’ I met a man who desperately needed hope and light in his life. It was such a privilege not just study the bible but look at ways in which we could apply it to those who need to know its message.

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