Simon fishing.


Here’s a new painting I’ve just finished. I was playing and adding texture to the scene for a while in my studio, especially the waves.

Then a friend whom I have the joy of mentoring walked through my study/ studio and caught site of the picture and asked if he could buy it. To be honest at that moment it really felt like the painting was meant to be for him and that I had somehow been working on it for him without realising it!

It’s quite a large painting and this puts it into perspective on my kitchen table!

Here’s a closer shot of the boat:

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Rogerson says:

    Love this painting so much. Please please could we buy copies? xxxxx

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Anna- I can make some prints that would be available in a few weeks time! I will investigate best printing and prices.

      1. Anna Rogerson says:

        That’s brilliant, thank you SO much 🙂

    2. Chris says:

      And thank you for liking my painting!

  2. mervyn says:

    superb painting!

      1. Chris says:

        Sorry! Mervyn. Darn auto correct!

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