He reviewed my book Philip- a novel, and said it was “@&£*+ brilliant.” It wasn’t his language which shocked but rather his enthusiasm. He told me that he had shared with his neighbour about it. He went on and on about how good it was! I felt somewhat overwhelmed. He’s not been the most complimentary of the chaplaincy in the past and to hear him rave about the book blew me away!

To be honest I wasn’t expecting such praise for the book and it really encouraged me! The reason being is that one of the launches was in the pub and only a couple of the guys out of many, many whom I had invited accidentally came along (they happened to be drinking in the pub at the same time!) and my friends praise for the story really boosted me.

This story really is for people who haven’t heard or connected with the good news of Jesus and my hearts desire is that the story speaks to people’s hearts about what God is like and what Jesus can do.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet please follow this link. It’s postage and package free!

Every book sold raises money for The Light Project, the charity I founded nearly 20 years ago.

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