You’re invited to a Kings birthday party!

At The Light Project we love letting as many people as possible know the good news of Jesus.

We believe everyone deserves to know that there really is a God who has made himself known to us through Jesus and that He loves us so much.

Today we embarked on something a little different and rather than looking to plant seeds of the gospel within crowds of people we looked to connect with just 4!

We made up 4 hampers with gifts that symbolise something of the Christmas story. I challenged the team to go and find gifts that could mean something and then we pooled them together to make 4 awesome hampers! We each had a tenner within our budget for our symbolic gifts!

The hampers also had a card explaining what each gift meant and the card read:

This hamper is a message:

“You’re invited to a King’s birthday party!”

We’ve included:

  • A mug for you to pause, take time to have a cuppa and think about the first Christmas:
  • A crown to remind you of the baby who would become a King.
  • Party poppers for you to celebrate his birthday on the 25th December.
  • Gold coins to symbolise the gold brought by the wise men.
  • Candles as Jesus brings light in darkness.
  • A star to remind you of the one that guided the wise men and that Jesus can guide you too.
  • Some candy canes as when you turn them upside down they make a ‘j’- may you know Jesus is the reason for the season.
  • Lastly a heart to remind you that you are loved!

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