When I travel I love to sit back, relax and enjoy a good hot drink while reading. Good thing I don’t drive too often. I’m committed to taking public transport whenever I can so I can do this quite safely!

I am often in and out of train stations, at least 4 times a month as I travel either to Chester to meet with my co-workers or for meetings in London or to speak at events.

So, depending on the time of day I love a strong good coffee or a scented refreshing Earl Grey Tea.

About a year ago I received a free hot drink when I ordered a coffee at Waterloo station while I waited to meet some friends. It really blessed me and made my day.

Over the past year I’ve received 50 free on the house drinks at around 12 different Pret’s. Its company policy that employers of Pret can give discretionary drinks to whomever they choose.

Prets CEO Clive Schlee revealed to the Standard newspaper that he has allowed staff members to give out free hot drinks or food to customers.

One web site magic freebies states: “So if you are particularly friendly or are wearing something fantastic, the barrister may reward you with a freebie at the counter.”

I like people and love to find out how they are and what kind of days they are having. It seems that my simple kindness means that 2 out of 3 hot drinks I have gone to buy over the year at Pret have been ‘on the house!’ Each time I receive a hot drink I watsap my wife with a smiley picture with the running total.

I must admit the kindness shown to me has really blessed me! (Don’t worry I won’t keep going on about it, well maybe if I reach 100 free drinks by this time next year!)

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