It’s a strange old feeling having a story that I’ve written ‘out there’ and it’s been a few weeks of feeling a bit nervous about what people might think about the story.

Over the past four weeks I’ve packed in 8 book launches:

Great Gransden, Huntingdon, Wimborne, Glasgow, Chester, London, Peterborough and Chipping Campden.

Over the 8 different ones around 160 people have attended. While I am so grateful for those who did come it’s not a large amount of people to say the least.

However rather than moping in any disappointments about numbers there’s 2 vital lessons that I have learnt through this process:

1) It’s the individuals that I’ve meet on the journey that are very important.

Too often I can’t see the wood through the trees, or rather the person in the crowds. I could have lost sight of meeting with and connecting with precious people as I busied myself going to book launches focused on who may be there! I just think of Peter who came along to the launch in London who I met on my way to the venue. Peter is someone who is homeless and enjoyed listening to the stories and read excerpts of the book. I gave him a copy of the book. He was one of five who came along! I also gave one to a security guard on the way to the train station one early Sunday morning. We spoke about the book together and he was fascinated by the story.

As was the lady who knocked on the door of the church where I had been doing a book launch and she cane along to read the electricity meter. Individuals are so important to God and I never want to forget to ‘stop for the one’ and engage with and show the love of God to those who I meet.

Philip left a place of business and crowds and went to bring good news to one person who in turn changed an entire nation.

2) Obedience to do something that I believe God has asked me to do is an act of worship. I don’t need to worry too much about the results. I’ve written something, as best I could, in response to something that I felt I needed to do. I leave the outcome to the one who can choose to use it or not for His glory. Full stop!

If you would like to order your copy please click this link for GILEAD books.

All profits from the book go towards the ministry of The Light Project.

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