So, a few times a year the team of students that I lead have a ‘slipstream’ day. It’s in the programme for the year and the day is an opportunity to ask two questions:

‘Lord God, what would you like us to do and where would you like us to go?’

The idea is to walk within the slipstream of Jesus and see what happens.

Yesterday we all felt we needed to be in Huntingdon and after a hearty breakfast and then bible study we hit the streets and offered some Free Hugs.

We all experienced something quite remarkable- an openness to what we were doing and lots of opportunities to pray with people too.

We then moved to grab some food at a church centre on the Oxmoor estate kindly provided for my a friend of one of the team.

After lunch we decided to try Treasure Hunting (seeking the treasure of people whom God wants us to go to.) We decided to stay on the estate and even knocked on a couple of doors enquiring whether they needed prayer for healing! It was somewhat exhilarating! I ended up meeting a young Muslim man who wanted prayer for a new job. I had also taken a bag of fruit with me to symbolise fruitfulness and have him this gift as a symbol of the prayer.

The whole idea of our slipstream days are to teach us something vital:

1) What we are involved in really is God’s mission and He want’s to go before us.

2) God speaks! This really is an opportunity for us to grow in listening to God and trying to do the things that He instructs us to do.

3) Showing and telling good news is fun! As a team we do these kind of days we feel stretched beyond our normal set boundaries of what we usually do and as we step out it is (on the whole) joy filled.

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