I had the joy of lecturing at Cliff College today on their Masters programme in mission on the module Contemporary Culture, The Gospel and Pioneering Ministries.

The lectures focused around the four main ingredients of pioneering a fresh expression of Church.

One of the ingredients is ‘educational’ meaning that we need to be able to teach others what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Part of this teaching was an exercise to think of our 6 word stories. It’s a very practical way of ‘always being prepared to give the reason of the hope that we have.’

This one blew me away:

It’s written in Mandarin and the translation is:

‘I am not alone.’

Others included:

  • Lost in life, found in Christ.
  • I was rejected now I’m accepted.
  • Totally inadequate by God’s grace sufficient.
  • Lost and broke, adopted and loved.
  • Found God, free to be me.

What’s your 6 word story?

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