I’m city center Chaplain in Peterborough. It’s a one day a week kind of job and part of what we do as The Light Project. 

Two things struck me about today: 1) It’s cold. 2) I’ve got a crazy idea! 

What if we offered people free hats, gloves and scarves. No catch.   What if we somehow made a wooly tree?! For nearly two years now we’ve had a huge supply of all kinds of woollen things from an avid knitter who wanted to do something to help people. 

Our supply had sat under the office desk and today was the day for them to come into their own and for us to be generous and offer them out.

The response was amazing. People loved the gesture and all kinds of people helped themselves and spoke with us about what we were doing: young and old, people who are homeless, young people, granny’s out shopping… All kinds of people. 

Some asked why were offering free hats and scarves and to talk about God’s love and his kindness to us was such an honour! 


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