It has been a rather strange Sunday morning being passed from pillar (Euston) to post (Kings Cross) as I try and get to Glasgow for tonight’s book launch and speaking at The Tron. The train timetable is in chaos, and it’s all a bit of a puzzle as to how I can get a train! 

So, I’m trying to be as much ‘Philip’ like as I can and see the journey as an opportunity, so I gave a copy of Philip to a security guard who I had spoken to earlier this morning who then had a Deja-vu experience as I walked passed him again a couple of hours later! 

I thought this was a beautiful good news meeting and he so much appreciated the book too and promised to let me know the next time I see him.  


It’s not always easy to see the wood through the trees or rather people and divine appointments through the journey and the crowds. 

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