“I thought Halloween was a no-no for churches. How come you’re doing this event?” A young dad with 2 children in tow asked me as we sat together carving pumpkins. 

“It’s an opportunity for us to bring something beautiful in a time of fear and fright…” I explained. 

And it’s true, I simply wanted to offer something good and ‘Jesus as light’ focused in a time that often fills people with dread. 

  As well as giving away carved pumpkins we showed a poem and gave out bags of hope with the Christian story within and some sweets too. The poem can be found here: https://youtu.be/LyfXTBdegQM

The free pumpkin came with 3 different designs: smiley face, cross and stars and big heart, little heart.  

Each design had a specific prayer that accompanied it, a simple reminder of something good and bright and of Jesus being light in darkness. 

Over 50 people came along to our village cafe to enjoy our great coffee or hot chocolate but also have a pumpkin with one of our special designs. It wasn’t a big ‘preachy’ event but rather one where we could be a bit counter- cultural to all the fright- commercialism and weirdness that so much charecterises Halloween. 

The Guardian reported today about the rise of Church run light parties is a way of going against this rising trend of commercialised Halloween. 

According to market researchers Mintel, Britons are expected to spend £320m on Halloween this year, up 3.2% from last year… the rise of the light party was partly a reaction to the increasing commercialisation of the annual event. “It’s becoming a bit of a counter-cultural movement,” he said. “We’re saying that at this time of year we value the person…”

How can you show light in a time of celebrated darkness? How about carving a pumpkin with an alternative message of light? How about going ‘treat or treating’ and offering people in your street a gift to remind them that they are loved? 

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