It’s autumnal and I might just have to give up wearing shorts soon. The leaves are falling and the season is changing. My knees are getting chilly.

We went out onto our usual city centre spot and set up two trees with the message ‘what do you want to change?’ It’s a new thing we are doing as a team as part of our teaching and ‘team day’ that once a month IMG_7111we engage in something creative in outreach. Rather than just talk about it and learn the theory we want to push the boundaries in our creativity in sharing the big story of the gospel in simple creative ways.

Yesterday we gave people an opportunity to either stick a leaf on the tree or tie a ribbon on the tree and think about what they wanted to change.

The responses were beautiful, ranging from ‘attitudes to disabilities’ to ‘more love’ for the world to others just speaking with us about what we were doing.

The creativity certainly helped with the connecting with people, with huge eschatological themes like how jesus declares he will make all things new.  Here is some of the process of setting up the trees and engaging with people.

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