Painting and reading: It has transformed how I engage with scripture… 


 I left my bible at a large church where I had preached at a wedding. It was a non-descript pew type bible and I hadn’t put my name in it. It was lost.

So, I decided to buy a journaling one, to write notes and possibly do some light paintings and sketches. Over the last two months I have read and studied more of the bible than in the last two years! 

Having the permission and space to engage with the text creatively has unlocked something in me that longs to engage with and glean from the text like I’ve never done before.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not works of art I’m producing but rather simple sketches and notes but this process has connected who I am and what I do with the sacred text. I love it.

Here’s some examples of what I’ve done: 
If you’re like me and learn through engaging with visual examples and need to doodle and sketch to keep your concentration then I can’t recommend a journaling bible enough to transform how you engage with and enjoy reading the bible.  

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  1. My wife has the same Bible and is finding it really helpful as well.She is using Gesso pain first and the water colour pencils to draw with which is working well.

  2. steph says:

    So great to see this Chris – engaging creatively with the word for me has opened it up in ways I never imagined !

  3. I’m not religious anymore, but what a cool idea!!!

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