Last week I had a meeting in London and had 10 minutes to spare afterwards before catching the train home. 

I came across this sculpture at St Pancras station. It’s mesmerising, and while you can’t see it too clearly in my video the shapes seem to have a myriad of ways of moving and overlapping. 

The sculpture is the 2017 ‘Terrace Wires’ artist, Royal Academician Conrad Shawcross.

The art work explores subjects that lie on the borders of geometry and philosophy, physics and metaphysics.  


I find train stations and public transport a place and time to find treasure. The people I meet and opportunities to pray for people are bountiful and powerful. 

Connections are made and people ask questions about my faith and I listen to their life experiences too. 

Do you search for treasure as you travel? 

3 thoughts on “Train station treat 

  1. I too am enthusiastic about train station treasures and love St Panc – but my fave has to be the Betjeman figure.So powerful yet with a marvellous sense of movement; so robust yet with a touching enthusiasm and youthfulness almost.
    The ’embracing couple’ sculpture under the clock you show is also pretty arresting!

  2. Agree about the embracing couple
    However, the bronze frieze depicting the people who built the railway and travellers extraordinary.
    I love the way the glasses are depicted

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