I finished the last mouthful of my coffee and looked up the aisle at the security guard keeping a watchful eye on the aisles of expensive wines. Even though it was early morning the place was heaving with shoppers and children calling in on their way to school. 

As I looked at him I felt Jesus say ‘there’s my pastor.’ The words felt like the lavish affirmation that God the Father boomed over his Son like thunder when he was baptised.

I went to talk to the guard wondering what to say. As I approached him I felt God whisper to me about a ministry that was very precious to him. 

I said that I needed to talk with him and we walked together to the other side of the supermarket. I shared the words I felt God had showed me. The man was stunned as he was thinking about ‘giving up’ as it had been a rough year for him as he had been church planting in Peterborough and many of the people who had joined the church had been broken and in much need. It had been a tough start to his ministry. 

The word of knowledge encouraged him no end and I spoke about not growing tired of doing good as in the right season he would see a harvest. 

As I was leaving he told me a story of how one man in his church hadn’t been around for a week or so. 

He began thinking about him and then he heard an urgent command from the Lord. “Go to his house.” The only problem was he didn’t know where he lived! He obediently left his house and asked for directions from God and ended up at his house. (I know!)  The man had been ill for many days and hadn’t been able to move. If the pastor/ security guard hadn’t gone when he had the doctors said that the man wouldn’t be alive. 

It’s such an adventure meeting people to encourage them. 

How have you brought words from God’s heart to others? 

3 thoughts on “Words of knowledge in Waitrose 

  1. This is So encouraging and exciting – I love it when God shares in our headspace and when we’re courageous to step out His plans are perfect !

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