TeamA couple of weeks ago I led a group from Park Baptist Church in Great Yarmouth out and about into their community to show and tell the good news of Jesus for the day. It was one of the best days of outreach that I had joined in with for a long time. Great conversations, lots of enthusiasm from the church and an uncanny openness to us from members of the public.

“Please come back again!” were the parting words of the young lady who ran the cafe in the park where I had a small team with me who painted prayers for people. Paintings that would bring something from God’s heart to the hearts of others.

It felt like this little cafe had quickly become a place of peace. We were welcome, the owner seemed open ans hungry for spiritual things and was willing to share with her mum (in Portuguese) what we were doing and why.

Between us we painted 10 paintings and met 10 people who they were meant for. The most extraordinary was the painting of some balloons that was given to a lady enjoying a  cup of coffee in the cafe.

Before we had gone out into the park we had prayed together and someone had a picture of balloons while Peter the minister of Park Baptist had an idea of ‘releasing balloons.’

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On this particular painting that one of the team had done they wrote the word ‘RELEASE’ and then the oft quoted phrase: ‘let go and let God.’

Painting in the park6

Now, in most circumstances to be offered such a painting would be nice, a kind gesture. A pretty gift. The thing is that the woman who was offered the painting was thinking about her husband who’s funeral it had been two years ago on that day. At the service they had released balloons. The painting she was given reminded her that she was loved and known by God who wanted to communicate with her on this particular painful day.

I love how God seems to turn up and speak, even in the park.

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