I got to pray for a dear friend of mine. The day before we met she been told the 'stage' of the pancreatic cancer. The doctors confirmed that it was stage 4. That's the worst news that she could have been told.

Before we met to pray I believe God spoke. It was through Isaiah 64.3:

'For when you did awesome things we did not expect, you came down and the mountains trembled before you.

The beginning of the chapter cries out: 'Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down…'

I pictured rain falling down on us as we prayed and that the mountain of the cancer would tremble and move. Go. Vanish. Disappear. Get lost. That my friend would somehow be made well again.

Joining us for our prayer for healing was my friends husband and their daughter Sarah. 5 years previously she had written some songs and she sang one over her mum. 25 years previously I had been at college with Sarah studying art in Cambridge.

As she sang and I anointed my friend with oil, the rain from heaven felt tangible, heavy and so so good. 'It was for this very moment that I wrote that song 5 years ago,' Sarah said afterwards. It certainly felt it. It was lavishly powerful. Tangibly beautiful. Jesus held us as she sang the song.

Here's the words of the song that Sarah sang:

Rain on us your heavenly presence

Water of life restore and heal

To be all we're made to be, Lord Jesus:

Your kingdom come; your glory fall.

Thank you for your goodness Lord

You're a steam of life, a fountain of hope

So we're crying out for more of your presence

Your Kingdom come; your glory fall.

Send your rain; send your rain. Rain on us!

Send your rain; cleansing rain. Rain on us!

Send your rain; holy rain. Rain on us!

Father rain; your glory rain. Rain on us!

Jesus rain; healing rain. Rain on us!

Spirit rain; holy rain. Rain on us!

Please pray for my friend Margeret and her husband Michael. They are two of the most amazing evangelists I know who in their retirement haven't sat back but rather pressed on and have planted an emerging church in Royston amongst a broken and hurting community.

Please join me in praying that God would do awesome things that we wouldn't expect. Please join me in daring to ask for a miracle for Margeret.

3 thoughts on “God, do awesome things we don’t expect

  1. Praying with you and for your friends, for our amazing God to simply BE what He is: for his unlimited love to be expressed, for his unrelenting hope to be poured out, for His immeasurable power to be unleashed against sickness, and for His indescribable presence to be alongside. Let His Kingdom come, Let His will be done. Blessings on you all!

  2. Praying with you and for your friends. That God’s immeasurable power be poured out (Eph 1:19-20), that God’s unrelentless love be overwhelming darkness and sickness, that God’s indescribable presence be all-encompassing and that His unlimited Kingdom come with healing, light and hope.

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