I can only do what I do because of others. 

I am an evangelist and one of the leaders of The Light Project, a team of people who exist to Reveal Jesus to people who have yet to make sense of the good news. 

Behind the exciting stories, creative projects and our cutting edge degree training people in Theology, mission and evangelism, are a whole host of people who enable what we do. 

-Friends of The Light Project sacrificially give finances. 

-Office staff enable and manage the administration and finance.

-Volunteers give their time and reach out to people with good news 

-Trustees govern what we do and help the leaders set their vision. 

– Co leaders Glyn and Gaz who help me and lead me as I lead them. 

One man in particular has enabled The Light Project to grow over the last 17 years through his role as chairperson of the Trustee board and yesterday we said farewell to Dave Gordon as he stepped down as Trustee. 

I remember nearly 18 years ago when I had the vision to set up The Light Project that I felt God whisper ‘ask Dave Gordon to be your chair of Trustees.’ I am so happy that I responded to that whisper. I wouldn’t be in the place I am without Dave.  

We gave some gifts and celebrated with Dave and Judith yesterday and I gave a painting called ‘Seedlings.’ 

Dave has enabled us to grow from a seedling to now being a team who are planting out new seedlings who also do what we do in other parts of the UK.

The different aspects of the painting symbolise various gifts that Dave has used within his role and has for further ministry.  

You may not have the time and energy to serve as a Trustee with us but how about considering supporting us by becoming a friend of The Light Project. You can find out to by following this link: support us

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