I spent the afternoon today with the churches in Huntingdon at their beech party. It was such a beautiful opportunity to say to people that they are loved by God and also to show how good he is!   

While there were plenty of opportunities to share and show good news and offer prayer, the day was geared up to change people’s perceptions about church- the whole day was put on for free and included ice creams, fruit smoothies and a BBQ!   I was encouraged to hear of stories in the day of people receiving prayer from the team but I was also deeply encouraged by how the goodness of God was shown. 

This came through what was provided by the church with the main centre of attraction being a beech made out of 10 tons of sand! It was awesome to see how busy throughout the afternoon it was and the amount of children who played and made sand castles! 

I also got to do a little bit of presenting- with quick talks outlining why we were in the town centre!  

I also got to paint on the day and talk to people. Here’s some of the process of my painting over a few hours.  Here’s the the finished painting: 


I waited to find the right person to give the painting to and met a man from Bulgaria who encouraged me to sell it. I explained that I didn’t want to sell it but rather give it. It turned out that it was meant to be for him! 

The painting was about walking through an open door from a dark place into a free and open place to follow Jesus. 

3 thoughts on “I got to be part of a Beech party in the middle of the town put on by the church… 

  1. There was me wondering if you were having a party under a beech tree! A beach party with all that sand sounds much more adventurous. There again in the Bible, strange things happen under trees.

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