On Tuesday I made coffee for most of the day. This was my view for most of it: 

Tuesday’s are always busy making coffee: lattes, cappacinos, flat whites. I’m getting quite good. 

I also have a lovely team that I work with who share the coffee making so I also have the privilege of talking with people as we serve them and on Tuesday I had the joy of offering to pray with two big burley work men who had ventured into our sleepy cafe. 

As they were leaving I left the coffee  making and chased after them and explained that I wanted to offer to pray for them! They looked a little surprised but it was when I explained that I felt one of them had pain in their lower back and that I wanted to pray for healing for them that their surprise turned to shock!   

One of the builders explained that it was him who needed prayer as his lower back was in lots of pain. I asked if I could lay hands on his back and ask Jesus to heal him and he agreed.

Granted, lower back pain is quite a common ailment. I could have guessed and offered prayer, they were builders after all- but I’ve noticed two things happen when you offer prayer out of a conviction that God gives a word of knowledge, even when it is quite an obvious one like prayer for back pain for a builder! 

Firstly, the Holy Spirit draws close and takes ordinary words and makes them into something quite extraordinary. The man seemed to ‘feel’ something as I offered prayer. As I spoke with them I felt very strongly the presence of God standing right with us.

It’s a bit like when Jesus meets Nathaniel and tells him that he saw him under the fig tree. Nathaniels response to him was disproportionate to the word Jesus brings. The Holy Spirit takes the ordinary and makes them powerful. 

Obedience brings God’s presence. 

Secondly, offering to pray for something specific for someone shows great love. Even if you get it wrong with what you believe God is asking you to pray for! 

When I offer to pray for someone it’s because I feel moved to and have compassion because of someone else’s pain. 

When we’re motivated by love people see it and feel it. 

Here’s a challenge: offer to pray for someone today whom you believe God has asked you to. Have a go at asking God for something specific to pray for. 

Let me know what happens! 

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