I’m on my way home from spending an evening with my friend and fellow evangelist/baptist minister Carolyn Skinner and the team that she leads as part of the outreach to the Wimbledon crowds who queue in Wimbledon common for tickets the following day. 

Carolyn is the founder of Third Space Ministries and is one of our main speakers at this years Breakout Gathering

The format of the evening was so simple. 1) Meet to pray and recieve some training and then 2) head out in two’s with a box full of giveaways and drinks and go and pray and talk with people.  3) debrief and give thanks!  

We were assigned a line of tents in line K2 which must have had a couple of hundred people in the queue. But after an hour we had only visited 5 or so tents as people really wanted to talk.   

One guy had some awesome searching questions and when I spoke with him being a seeker and spoke the bit in the bible over him about asking, seeking and knocking he responded that this summed ‘him up nicely.’ 

There was such an openess and willingness to engage with us that afterwards we wished that we could have stayed longer!   

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