Yesterday was my ‘Church Out’ Sunday. It’s something I do once a month to be amongst the vast majority of people who wouldn’t consider going to a Church service. 

It’s an opportunity to be Church and ‘do’ Church in a practical way. 

Yesterday blew me away. I had two people on my team and they were amazing. One an accomplished artist who has painted for many years and the other who just started painting that week.  

It was the sense of community and gathering around the tables that encouraged me the most. 


My friend Adrian painted a beautiful pen and ink with water colours picture of the cyclists that met on their half way point from Ely.  The cafe manager loved it! 
I painted some prayer pictures, some of my usual stock of ideas and some new ones too. 30 minutes after offering this simple painting below to a lady she came back and asked for another for her sister who was going through a tough time. Hannah, the novice at painting had produced the most amazing picture with words to match that brought much encouragement.   

 Hannah’s picture, one of the first she has ever painted was given to the lady for her sister: 

Here are a couple more that I painted including one that became a poem!    

I need refreshing.
I need refreshing

No messing

Not some temporary blessing

But a deep down quenching

For I am dry

Like the preverbial bone

Feel alone

Bereft of that home-

-Like comfort and charm

Come breath calm

Prince of healing balm


What a joy it is to paint and share my faith.  If you would like to join me one Sunday morning please do get in contact and come and hang out! 


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