I do love what I do. There’s never a dull moment. This seems to be a bit of a habit of God that he doesn’t seem to do dull. My experience is that he likes to surprise and ‘wow’ people and today was no different.

Previously in the week I had spoken at a Peterborough Deanery Synod and someone there encouraged one of their language school students to come and have a look at what we do in the pub. Our guest was a catholic nun from Italy and for the first time ever she painted a prophetic picture and went and gave it to someone. They were encouraged!   

One of our regulars was in a bad way and feeling megga down until Paddy (who is one of the team) brought a picture he felt God speak about with the words ‘Listen to your heart beat.’ 

This man who had been feeling down had been listening to a Chris Rea song just as he left his flat to venture to the pub. The song was all about ‘listening to your heart beat!’ The man felt incredibly known by God! I love how God speaks. 

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