I serve as city centre chaplain in Peterborough. It’s a part time role and a highlight in my week. 

Each week is very different as I work with up to 20 different chaplains who are on my team in 3 different pubs and also on the streets as well as serving people who are homeless. 

Today I wanted to paint a prayer for the city, of heart shaped hands held up asking for God to pour out His love. I painted as the rest of the team gave out ‘free hugs’ or went to find people who are homeless whom they could pray for and also offer a hot drink to. 

Here’s the progression of the painting over the afternoon. 

As I’m painting I’m also wondering and praying who the painting could be for.

A young child takes a great interest in my painting while his mum takes lots of pictures. I explain that I would like to offer them the painting, the boy gets it straight away. I thought his mum did too as I even explain about that its a gift and that I’m not selling it. 

After finishing the mum and son return and I sign the picture and take it off the easel to hand it over to them. 

The boy readily takes it but the mum hasn’t quite understood the gesture and for a moment there is a ‘moment’ of heavenly presence as she stands with tears in her eyes overwhelmed. 

She is lost for words and gently thanks me and kisses my cheek. I explain how important it is that her son and her know that they are loved by God. The painting is a simple gesture to show this love I explain, poured out upon them.  


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