We’ve had more creativity at Encounter at our monthly evening service. There really has been a step up… This is a taster of what happened last week.   Encounter  is part of Cambourne church. Its a fairly new Church that started from scratch in a new housing development near Cambridge. Cambourne is a LEP (Local Ecumenical Partnership) which consists of Anglicans, Methodists, URC and Baptist. 

As part of being a member of the church I lead a service each month which is more congregational led with people able to share what they believe the Lord is doing and saying. It’s also an opportunity to grow and experience the gifts of the Spirit. We also have a creative element to what we do, believing that God wants to speak to us through different ways and one of which is painting and creativity. 

Kate Green our regular artist in residence writes this about her last prophetic picture she did at our Encounter worship night. The painting is called  ‘Moment by Moment.’ 

I’m a planner, driven by achievement, it’s how God’s made me and he uses it, but always looking ahead can make me feel frustrated and be overwhelming at times. God’s teaching me to live more in the moment, receiving his abundant provision of grace and strength for now and trusting him for what’s next. If you have been struggling with worry or feeling overwhelmed God wants to pour His peace
into you, helping you to live in the moment and trust him for tomorrow.


Kate’s painting and message are a real challenge to me. Perhaps like me you suffer with worry for tomorrow rather than revel in the joy of today. 

  We also had two other artists with us, Catherine Price developed a collage based on being God’s workmanship/work of art. Kate Green (from Evesden) drew a picture based on the face of Jesus.   

 This kind of creativity really does float my boat and inspires me in my faith more and more. 

Do you use artists in your worship together?   

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