Our training day in how to run a pub chaplaincy is just over and there’s a few highlights I would love to share that I’m deeply encouraged about:

1) The staff at The Pub where we met at the start of the day where so encouraging in what we do! As part of the training we have a ‘meet the manager’ slot. Mell spoke so kindly about what we offered and answered questions so generously. It really spoke to those who attended the training and to me! 

2) Training in these things are more caught than taught. To help us with this understanding we visited 2 other places that we have chaplaincy teams to see them in their different contexts doing what they do. Seeing ‘it’ happen felt like a much better training experience than sitting down with the delegates and teaching them with clever theories! 

3) The team I work with are a great team. (I’m not just writing that with the hope they read this!) We all worked to our strengths today, in teaching as well as setting up and the practical training too. I was so encouraged by my chaplaincy team as they brought with a passion the things that they have learnt and are now able to teach others! They also drew alongside the delegates and spoke about what they do. 

4) The ‘go and tell’ rather than the ‘come and hear’ is so important. Throughout the day this came up. Finding people of peace ‘out there’ is still very much what we are called to do!  
As part of the training we also did some practical hands on things: using art, the Jesus Deck, Solarium and Table Talk. Here’s some pictures I did in this process:   


2 thoughts on “Pub chaplaincy 

  1. Hi Im interested in what is going on please could you send me some more information as we are beginning as a church to look at a fresh expression of church . Would this be classed as a fresh expression of church? or a church plant?

    1. Hi Jez- thanks for your message. fresh expressions are: Fresh expressions:
      serve those outside church (they are missional);
      listen to people and enter their culture (they are contextual);
      make discipleship a priority (they are formational);
      form church (they are ecclesial).

      So, yes, we’re seeking to do those things but are still very early on in the process! Would you like to visit Peterborough and see what we’re doing?

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