I’ve had fun. I’ve been painting all day and sharing my faith. Perfect combo for me to be in my element. So good. 

It’s been encouraging to paint alongside Kate Green from Flourish and Fly. Two different ways of painting with two messages that we believed were from God’s heart for people and that we both hoped would bring some good news.

Kate’s painting was called ‘I’m all ears’ about having a voice to speak to God anytime, anywhere as he loves to listen to us. This was a powerful message to share with people especially for those who have been somewhat told to be quiet and ‘stand in the corner’ and I be ‘seen but not heard!’  

I spoke with a few people about Kate’s painting and it resonated with them. 

My painting was about how God sees us. I believe he sees people not as ‘disappointments and let downs’ but rather as loved children whom He aches to draw to himself and has provided a beautiful gift of His Son Jesus.  Here’s the finished result: 
Here’s the process of painting this morning: 


I also painted (but didn’t finish) a simple picture for a guy working with the punts in Cambridge. 

He loved the picture and encouraged me so much with it and while it isn’t finished I will complete it at home and send it on to him! 

It’s such a JOY to use the gifts that God has given me to share the most outrageously generous gift that this world has been graced with. 

What gifts have you got to let others in on what you’ve got? 



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