I’m asked a lot of questions as I serve as city centre chaplain in Peterborough and today seems to have had more varied ones than I usually get. 

I’m reflecting on them as I return home and I’m encouraged as I remember the teaching from Peter in the bible, ‘always be prepared to give the reason for the hope that you have.’ 

Here’s 6 of them I’ve been asked throughout the day with a little bit of explanation about them afterwards. 

  1. Do you believe in angels?
  2. Are you psychic?
  3. Have you got a bible that I could have?
  4. Why are you giving out free hugs?
  5. Can I talk with you? 
  6. Can I give you a present? 

The day started early on over breakfast in the pub with a fascinating question about angels. One of the bar staff wanted to talk as she had found feathers recently and had wanted to know what it could mean and whether it was an angel or someone who has died trying to ‘get through’ to her. I shared some stories of a christian who found feathers in a time of bearevement and how that had brought great strength to her. 

Later on in the morning I painted a simple picture for her with some verses of scripture from Pslam 91:    

Paintings led me to be asked more questions when two ladies in another pub asked if I was psychic! This question was prompted by two pictures I had given them and  I had spoken about how they were prayer paintings with messages that I hoped would encourage them. 

We had a conversation and they shared how ‘spot on’ the messages were.   

Bringing a bible to a man who asked for one on the streets was such a humbling thing to do. Before heading out to the streets one of my team Pat prayed that we would have eyes to see people as loved children. With the man I gave the bible to I experienced this. It was so good to write in the bible and show him where to start and ways in which he could pray.

When as a team we offer free hugs we are often asked why. Today was no exception and we hugged many people including a group of people who are homeless whom some shared that they felt depressed and needed a hug. 

Throughout the day I’ve had the privelege to be asked whether people could talk with me. I’ve enjoyed listening to people and on two occasions have had the honour of praying for healing. 

One man who we had prayed for healing a few weeks ago came to see us today and asked if he could give me a present. Not only did he give a beautiful water colour painting of a crab that he had painted but also a lovely box of new watercolours and brushes. I feel so blessed. 

What kind of questions are you asked? 

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