I was asked to paint for a friend. “Paint anything!” Was the instruction with an encouragement to bring something from heaven for my friend and his family. 

This is what I came up with:   

It’s about loving the command to ‘go’ about having your sights set upon reaching the nations. It’s about the great commission and the giving of your hands to that task. The painting is also about tears (lots of drippy ink!) with the promise of those who sow in tears will reap a harvest.  

Here are some close ups of the painting: 

I am so pleased that my friend loved the picture and it encouraged him in his adventure of being a follower of Jesus and a Baptist Minister. 


If you would like to comission me to paint for you, please do get in touch or follow this link!

2 thoughts on “Go! 

  1. Cannot express just what a HUGE blessing this piece is to us… It speaks to us in so many ways… and was just SPOT ON!

    Thank you, Chris, for the anointed gifting with which you paint, and prophecy, and simply love and share…

    God Bless,

    Adrian and fam…

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