I gave a seminar on prayer yesterday at Cambourne Church as part of our new seminar Sunday’s that we’re running a couple of times a year. 

While my session went down well I felt I hadn’t brought and taught what I really could have about the mystery of prayer and the simplicity of it that brings such powerful results. In truth, I felt like I hadn’t done a good job and while I know this wouldn’t be the feeling of those I taught, (I had some good feedback)  I just felt like I hadn’t brought what I could have. 


Today I finished off a painting that incapsulates what I wanted to bring of the power of the so so simple act of prayer.

It was cathartic to paint and helped me try and articulate through paint what I wanted to bring through words. 

The heavenly rhealm is something we do tap into and can experience when we pray interacting and falling upon us as we pour out words and thoughts.  

The title of the painting is ‘When we pray God Works.’ It’s 40 by 32 inches and is painted with acrylic and inks.    

It is for sale for £195. 

Please do contact me if you’re interested in buying it. Very good quality limited edition signed and mounted prints (around A3 size) are also available for £55 but will take 3 weeks for printing and delivery. 

Please do send me an email if you are interested in a print or to buy the original: 


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